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Project Management

Project/Shutdown Management

mss has the ability to provide an integrated service with expertise and resources for projects and shutdowns from inception to completion. The team can provide contract managers, client representation, project commercial assurance, shutdown management and planning and scheduling. Other services provided are:

  • Project definition and selection
  • Project execution plans
  • Brownfield/Greenfield tie ins
  • Change management activities
  • Project, shutdown and resource management
  • Site sustaining capital projects
  • Commissioning and handover/operational readiness activities
  • Budgeting/scheduling and cost control
  • Capital justification and approval
  • Project and safety auditing
  • Safety training
  • Safety management plans
  • Disaster recovery
  • Principles representative, construction managers and project engineers
  • Work front supervision
  • Technical support for insurers and insured

Our service allows clients to carry on with their core business and duties whilst knowing shutdown and project work is being carried out as per their requirements, policies and procedures.

The services mss provide also allows an independent view of the client’s execution of company policies and procedures by their contractors and employees during critical tasks, which in turn satisfies corporate governance. These include:

  • Project readiness checks
  • Critical parts expediting
  • Schedule health checks
  • Project statutory compliance
  • Full time resource supervision
  • Supervisor mentoring/coaching
  • Safety mentoring/coaching
  • Safety resources

These all allow an independent view of project/shutdown readiness and safety compliance up front before execution begins and peace of mind for the client during execution, commissioning and hand over, with all relevant data in a close out report.

mss can also have all master data for new equipment ready to go in the client’s ERP system as part of the commissioning process.

Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance