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mss was founded in 2004 by Adam Brooks, and is a specialised, fast growing asset management and consulting organisation with over 300 staff members globally. mss is flexible, professional, efficient and customer focused providing a number of advantages to our clients:

Small enough to give a highly personalised service and are all committed in providing clients with a successful outcome.

mss is aware that the only way to grow is to be able to demonstrate the value add to clients' businesses. Every assignment completed is capable of being used as a reference for potential clients.

A specialist focus means bringing the highest calibre of people and skills to every consulting assignment. This recognised expertise has led to client relationships based on loyalty, integrity and trust.

The core services of mss are based on:

  • Supply Chain and Enterprise Asset Management services
  • Project and Shutdown Management
  • Holistic ERP training solution
  • Planning/Scheduling – Relief and Project requirements
  • Consulting – Maintenance, Reliability, Supply Chain, Project Management
  • Master data management, creation and integration
  • Equipment and Spare criticality reviews
  • Business Process and Resource development and management
  • Technical document writing
  • Technical and on/off site support
  • Reliability Engineering and integration to ERP
  • Auditing – Maintenance, Supply Chain, Business Process, ERP configuration and utilisation
  • Specialising in most industry ERP systems

mss also offer specific project work such as ERP configuration, ERP implementations, data loading, site support, master data administration, project management, database creation and software development.

The company’s approach towards business is based on values and ethics and this has developed a culture that mss is very proud of.  Placing the highest possible value on reputation and personal relationships with each client has set mss apart from similar companies. Whilst mss have a range of approaches and methodologies; which have been proven to deliver significant bottom-line benefits – they do not try to sell these. Instead, their philosophy is to first work closely with clients to fully understand the particular challenges and issues being faced, and only then to select the particular combination of approaches, tools and techniques that will provide the best possible solution to their unique requirements.

The principles that guide mss:

Working Safely

mss maintain safe, healthy, productive and environmentally friendly workplaces for all employees, visitors and contractors in full compliance with state and national statutory requirements. When at client sites, mss people demonstrate HSE best practice and comply with all client policies.

Delivering Results

mss exist to make their clients lives easier and the services they provide have a direct impact on the business bottom line. When clients have a problem mss find the solution, when they have a question they find the answer, when they say they will do something they always deliver.

Achieving Excellence

mss aim for best practice in everything they do and support clients to achieve excellence in their business. Not only do mss employ the best people but they give them the best support through a committed management team of industry specialists, standard operating procedures, training and documentation so they do the best job possible for clients.

Putting People First

Whether it is with employees, contractors, clients or other stakeholders, building close, long-term relationships is the key to our business success. mss believe everyone they work with deserves respect, they encourage feedback, and aim to maintain a flexible, family friendly working environment. At mss they balance professionalism with fun.

Pursuing Opportunities

mss created an industry from nothing and remain true to this innovative spirit by always exploring and creating new opportunities through expansion into new markets, new industries and new product or service areas.

For any further information, please contact our friendly staff on any of our contact numbers or email us at

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